Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ruby Dragon

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Jasper Ave and 109, use to occupy the former Kai restaurant
Hot topic: Beijing popcorn chicken
I bought a Dealfind coupon to Rugby Dragon a little while ago and decided to use it last night with a friend. I was very impressed with the interior, very nice decoration and ambiance. They had a massive Buddha statue with fake but very pretty cherry blossoms all around. No complaints there. It would make a great place for a date.
As for the food I had looked at the menu online so I knew what I was in for. We ordered 2 servings of the green onion cake (3.50$), the ginger beef (13$), fried rice (10$), popcorn chicken (12$) and for dessert the 'fried milk' (6$)and the friend banana and ice cream (8$), I had 60$ worth of coupon credit to spend so why get not 2 desserts.
The food took a little bit longer than expected to get to our table but when it did I was impressed by the presentation. It was nicely served on clean white plates and was very neat. As for taste, honestly, it tasted just like any other Chinese restaurant. Perhaps a little higher quality (the ginger beef tasted fresh and wasn’t fatty, and the popcorn chicken was made with real white chicken breast). The ginger beef however was a little on the vinegary side which I didn’t like but I know that some places just make it that way. The food was good, but like I said no different than other places and so therefore nothing to rave about. One thing I did enjoy however was the popcorn chicken. It was simply battered deep friend little chicken pieces topped with a mix of green and red bell peppers and onion. Perhaps they could have added a little more seasoning as the batter only does so much for flavor. The chicken was also rather dry but I did not mind at all.

Rice and ginger beef

Popcorn chicken

The fried banana with vanilla ice cream was very good. I'm kind of bias however because I've loved this dessert since I was young. The bananas were hot and very tender and it came with a massive scoop of ice cream. The 'Deep friend milk' was rather interesting. I don't know how to explain it but it looks like a fried timbit with a coconut custard sort of thing inside. The waitress said it was a mix of coconut milk and condensed milk, hence deep friend milk. They put several of these balls on a plate and pour a shot of Gran Mariner over it and light it on fire. Once the flames are out you eat it. Interesting.
The downside to this place was that the drink menu I found was a little over priced, with all cocktails being 11$ something and over, and had very little selection of wine by the glass. Lots of bottles available, but not something I would consider. We also didn’t get any napkins or cutlery until our entrees came, so we ate our green onion cake with our fingers and shamefully ended up wiping our fingers on our pants because the waitress was nowhere to be seen.
In all, this place was decent, but more of a place you'd go with your friends and on a date for the atmosphere rather than the food.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sugar baby

I just wanted to share a picture of these cupcakes my sister made a couple days ago. Aren't they pretty.

T&T West Edmonton Mall

Egg tart

Famoso Magrath

As I'm sure many of you guys already know, Famoso is one of my favorite places to eat in Edmonton. On Sunday I went for an early dinner to the Famoso location up the street from me. Enjoyable as always.

Sofia Loren and Tomato Bisque

Today I had the soup and flat bread combo (10$). The Sofia Loren was filled with grilled zucchini, mushrooms an red bell peppers on a bed of pesto ricotta and topped with melted provolone. Incredibly fresh and healthy. The tomato bisque was made with fresh roasted tomatoes and cream and topped generously with feta and basil.

Pub Grub Specials

-Da De O 8$ po boys
-O’Bynes 35 cent wings
-The Pint 4$ beefshires
-Brewsters 29 cent wings
-Da De O 8$ po boys
-Druid 6$ fish and chips
-O’Bynes 13$ all you can eat fish and chips
-Canadian Brewhouse 1$ hard or soft tacos
-Hudsons 35 cent wings
-Famoso wine and brucetta night (free wine sampling)
-The Pint 30 cent wings
-Hudsons 4$ baskets of boneless wings
-O’Bynes all you can eat fish and chips
-Hudsons 10$ nachos
-Druid 5$ build your own nachos
-10$ hangover brunch