Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sights of Kuta (Bali, Indonesia)

View from our garden bungalow @ Kuta Seaview Bali

Ogoh ogoh (paper mache sculptures of evil gods/spirits which then burn the night before Nyepi
Holiday (Balinese New Years)

So cool, why don't we have these back home?! One of the restaurants we went to in Jakarta
had a buzzard thing on the table for service.

Ironic....Banda Ache...Harmony? Banda Ache is still experiencing civil war, is ruled under Sharia Law, and is still recovering after the tsunami

Hungry in Bali (Indonesia)

Avocado shake with chocolate...yummm

Vegetarian curry with tempeh. Unfortunately it was soooo bland.

Tofu and white eggplant curry. I really need to learn how to make this.

Coel and his obsession with chicken sate and peanut sauce

If your ever in Ubud you must stop by this little gelato shop and grab yourself a scoop..or two.
I forgot the name of the place but its pink so you can't miss it.
Chocolate chili gelato.

Dragon fruit sorbet

Meal Time (Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia)

Ice cream filled mochi

Bihun goreng with seafood (fried vermicelli noodles)

Chicken sate with peanut sauce and Indonesian sticky rice

Chocolate waffle with choco ice cream at the White Hunter restaurant at Gandaria City Mall

Bak mie with mushroom, chicken and wontons from Bak Mie Gaja Mada. My favorite noodles.

Noodle steamboat @ Bali

Nasi champur @ Bali. Rice with sate, fried prawn, peanut and salted fish, beef curry, prawn crackers, veggies
and chicken

Seafood and caper pasta at the Kuta Seaview Hotel restaurant @ Bali

My chicken schnitzel sandwich @ Bali

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meal Time 2 (Jakarta, Indonesia)

I have no idea what this is

Beef Kue-tiau with lots of chili sauce and pickled cucumber

Rujak, an Indonesian specialty: fruit with a spicy peanut sauce

Black pepper beef. While it doesn't sound like it would be Indonesia dish, consider this, where do you think
the famous Spice Islands were.....

Awesome bakeries that serve the best treats. I wish they had bakeries like this at home.

Chewy cream puffs. While not Indonesian, they were worth a mention because they were good.

Soda Gambira (translated into flag soda because it is 'red' and white). Soda water
is mixed with lots of condensed milk and strawberry syrup

Pempek, a specialty from my moms home town of Palembang, Sumatra. It's made from ground fish paste, think meatballs
but with fish. Either steamed or fried. Sound gross, but its really good.

Martabak with curry. Similar to roti.

Otak-otak. Seasoned fish paste wrapped in banana leaf then grilled. Texture is like that
of fishballs you'd get in Chinese noodles.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meal Time (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Es Cendol. Green wormy looking jelly custard things with palm sugar, coconut cream/milk, and ice

Mie with beef balls

Kue 'rugby' and custard tart

Es champur. Shaved ice with syrup, red bean, jellies etc

I've been waiting for this..chicken katsu from Hokahoka Bento. Can't forget the Teh Botol!

Noodles mmmmmmm

Frozen yogurt is actually really popular here. There are way more froyo places here than anywhere I've seen in Canada.
Lyche and Taro froyo with custard balls and pandan and lyche mochi!

The famous nasi goreng with a frid egg (Indonesian fried rice). Best sh** ever.

Grilled banana stuffed with chocolate and sweetened condensed milk with grated cheese on top. Actually really good.
Indonesians kind of have this thing with putting grated cheese on everything.

Duku fruit, massive bag full of them.

Selamat Datang Di Indonesia (Welcome to Indonesia)

So for those who do not know, I am in fact half Canadian and half Indonesian (on my mothers side). I grew up in Indonesia for the most part and came to Edmonton in 2003/2004? when I was 14 years old because my dad was posted back in Canada. I have not been to Indonesia in the almost 8 years since I've moved because I could never make the time during the summer to go because of my rugby, however now that I have graduated university it made the perfect opening to finally go 'home'.

Sights of Bangkok 2 (Thailand)

Nice day visiting Wat Po Temple and the Flower market

Flower Market, my dream




Market: shallots

Now thats what I call a food truck

Wat Pho..again..but this time with my aunt and my mom. My aunt and I.

My mom and I