Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cracker Barrel (Missoula, Montana)

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store on Urbanspoon
WORK IN PROGRESS. Sorry y'all but I'm too sleepy to finish this post just right now. But here are the pictures for now. Enjoy.

Real sweetened iced tea and fresh fizzy lemonade

Lunch: Cracker Barrel Sampler (chicken and dumplings, sugar cube ham, meatloaf, and sides of mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and fried apples) 8.79$

Coel's meatloaf with a side of mac and cheese and sweet baby carrots (8.79$)

Breakfast: Eggs in a hole on sourdough bread, beef sausage, cheesy hasbrown casserole (6.99$) The cheesy hashbrowns were sooo good and actually cheesy. No skimping out on cheese here.

Buttery and crispy buttermilk pancakes with real whip cream and cherry topping  (5.99$) Fluffy on the inside, crispy on
the outside

What a funny looking plate of food. Overeasy eggs with turkey sausage with 3 complimentary sides (below) 6$

Biscuits and gravy. I don't care what people say, the gravy tastes like flour and mushroom soup mix. I don't see whats so
appetizing about it. Maybe on a cold day when you're starving? If you like the taste of plaster.

Fried apples. I dont think they were actually fried, it was more like stewed apples. They were so good though. I had the same thing for lunch and mixed them with my mashed potatos. Mmmmm.

Grits. Ew.

Front of restaurant


Too full for dessert, but it looks good!!

July Eats

An assortment of random meals i've had the pleasure of eating this month. Pictures of food? Who doesn't love that?

Tokyo Express: Green onion cake, Mini Roll Combo, "Yum Yam Roll" (yam rolls)

Cafe Tiramisu: Chicken something panini

Cashew crusted chicken burger and fries from some restaurant in Kensington, Calgary. Wasn't very memorable, or good.

Famoso: Can't go wrong with this tiramisu

Press'd: The Bird on rye

Duchess Bake Shop: Banana cream pie. SO.FREAKING.GOOD

Famoso: the San Andreas back for another summer

Montana Bound

Coel and I had a little bit of time off work last week and decided to make a quick and random road trip down to Montana for a mini vacation. Montana...I know. Some of you are probably like "wtf, why Montana?". Well, it's easy to get to from Alberta, tax free, it fit within our time restriction, and lastly I find the US rather fascinating so being able to check different states every time I go there works for me. Despite the similarities between Canada and the US, I am still always excited to experience and see the different things that the US has to offer, especially when it comes to food.

For this trip we went to Great Falls and Missoula.

Different landscapes we drove through in Montana

Flathead Lake. Very nice lake and great scenic highway.

Probably my favorite picture I took this trip

For the Love of Spicy Chicken McBites (Montana, USA)

Why do they not have these in Canada (at least not that I know of).

5$ for a large

Comes with a variety of dipping sauces (ranch, buffalo, honey mustard, Thai, etc)

Ketchup tap. Smart. Very smart.

Fiesta En Jalisco (Montana, USA)

Fiesta En Jalisco on Urbanspoon

One thing that I absolutely have to eat when I am in the US is their TexMex/ Mexican food. Unfortunately I have not found a place in Edmonton that serves up good, massive, cheesy, and reasonably priced Tex Mex. Burritos the size of your forearm, dishes so cheesy it's as if they used a whole block of cheese, and the most guacamole you've ever seen in your life all on one plate?? YES PLEASE!

There is always an abundance of decent Tex Mex places everywhere you go in the US, but our restaurant of choice this time around happened to be the Fiesta En Jalisco Mexican Restaurant (we went to the one in Great Falls and Missoula). Don't you love those places where you open the menu and you get so excited because there is so much good stuff to choose from and you can't focus on just one thing? Well this is certainly one of those places.

My chicken enchilada with salsa verde, refried beans, and Mexican rice all for an unheard of 10$. This photo doesn't do it justice. The place itself was as long as my forearm.

Coel's chicken, beans, and rice burrito with all the fixings

When we were in Missoula we ate here again but this time I had a chicken enchilada  and some sort of green pepper stuffed with cheese and with red sauce. All for an awesome 10$.


Massive drink

Meal Time (Montana, USA)

Good old over easy eggs with buttered toast and hash browns (4$) in at a small diner in Conrad, MT. Put some Tabasco sauce on that baby and your good to go.

Buttery pancakes with over easy eggs, can't go wrong (Conrad, MT)

Garlic butter salted pretzel. I wish Edmonton had pretzel places.

Cheesy bread with ranch dip ($1.50) at South Gate Mall (Missoula, MT)

This was nasty. It's a Coney Island hot dog from A&W. Big mistake

Old school A&W drive through menu

For the Love of...American Randomness

I love seeing the different types of junk food they have in the US and not in Canada. I quite enjoy discovering these new things and then always ask "why don't we have this back home?"


Coconut water that doesn't taste like sh**

Instead of the regular cookie, it had a chocolate cookie

Do it yourself milkshakes at a gas station convenience store

Do it yourself milkshake station

Do it yourself milkshake station

Not food related, but I thought this motel name was hilarious

Diabetes in a bottle