Friday, January 28, 2011

Crepe Works coupon for 1$

Good News deals is hosting another fabulous coupon to another local 'restaurant'. Now till about Tuesday you can buy a credit to Crepe Works (Whyte Ave, WEM) for 1$ that is worth 8.46$. So that's a crepe for 1$. Unfortunately you can only buy one coupon for this deal. By the way, the whole 1$ is donated to charity for this deal.

If you wanted to check out Crepe Works you can view them at

Hurry up and buy because limited quantities available. Enjoy!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

40$ Zaika Coupon for 11$

I'm so excited about this deal. If you sign up and buy it through my link you get a 5$ credit you can use towards the deal (so you pay 11$ for a 40$ coupon).

Im looking forward the the lunch and dinner buffets (17$)

Deal lasts till Sunday night and the coupon expires in July 2011.

The link:

If you want to check out Zaika's menu you can veiw their site at

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best things to do in Edmonton list

I came across this list of restaurants and activities while I was browsing online. Take a look at it. It may give you some ideas for where to eat next or where to check around this weekend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Press'd Update

I could help but go back to Press'd today to sample another one of the great sandwiches on their menu. Today I chose 'The Bird': turkey, avocado, sprouts, and cream cheese (on pumpernickel rye bread). It was great...not to mention huge for the small order (5.03$ it came to).

The Bird

Monday, January 24, 2011

Press'd: The Sandwich Company

Cuisine: Sandwich shop
Location: Basement, City Center Mall West
Hot topic: Sandwiches!!

I think I just found where I will be eating my lunch for the months to come. This place is yummy, healthy and fresh, well priced, conveniently located, and has a wide assortment of sandwiches and soups to choose from. I was very excited to finally try it out since I've been waiting for it to open for a while now and so far have read some great reviews on it.

Today I ordered the 'Meddito' (4.75$) on pumpernickel rye. The meddito includes smoked turkey, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, roasted red peppers and mayo. They put it on the press for a little whole so the bread was nice and warm.

The sandwich's come in 2 sizes, small or large. I had ordered the small but it was as big as my whole hand! So I have no idea what the large is like.

They bake their bread daily and you can choose from white, whole wheat, foccacia and pumpernickel rye.

They also serve soup (cream of potato, chicken noodle, bacon cheese, clam chowder, broccoli 2.99 S/4.79 L) and salad (Greek, broccoli crunch and fruit salad 2.29$). The large soup comes in a freshly made bread bowl. Yum!

Some of the great sandwich they have on their menu that caught my attention are:
-Golden Bear (5.75/8.79$): smoked chicken, baked brie, roasted apples, spinach, sweet fig jam
-The Bird (4.79/7.79$): smoked turkey, avocado, cream cheese, alfalfa sprouts, mayo
-Buenna Bella (5.29/8.29$): roasted portabella mushroom, basil pesto, spinach, cucumber, red onion, sprouts, tomato


My 'meddito'

seating area

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasury Update


Went to the Treasury again a couple weeks back and had a little bit of a less enjoyable experience this time around. The service was unbelievably slow and inattentive for a place that was empty. The servers just stood around chatting while we waited unreasonable amounts of time all the way from ordering to getting the bill. Service was slow for everything, and confusingly so seeing that the place was far from busy.

As for food, the Lobster Crepes and the Cobb salad were ordered, with the Carrot Cake for dessert again. Both unfortunately both were disappointing. While they tasted good, for the price we paid  (both around 15$ each dish) I couldn't help but feel a little overcharged/riped off.

There were only 2 small crepes for an order of lobster crepes. My dining companion said they were good, but a little over salted and the small portion size was disappointing.

The Cobb salad  I had ordered surprised me, in a bad way.  It was small and had no greens what so ever. While it tasted good, it was simply just components of a Cobb salad stacked on top of each other minus the lettuce. A deconstructed Cobb salad you could say. Great presentation, but for a 15$ salad when your hungry it was a let down. The single piece of friedd eggplant however was like ingesting pure oil. The Green Apple Lavender salad my friend ordered last time we were here was large and looked great so I was hoping all the salads would be reasonable too, but I guess I was mistaken.

While I was disappointed in our meal, I like the atmosphere of the Treasury and the excuse to don a cute cocktail dress so I do intend on going back,  but perhaps next time I'll be more cautious when ordering.

Transcend Coffee

Cuisine: Coffee house
Location: 109 st, next door to Garneau Theater
Hot topic: lattes

Transcend is a rather new coffee house in Edmonton located next door to the Garneau Theater on 109 st and very close to the University.

This establishment sources their coffee directly from farmers, direct trade rather than do it the `fair trade`way or no way at all. They take pride in the fact they go one on one with coffee farmers around the world to bring you the freshest and best coffee they can make. That`s just a bit of background on the place.

Inside is a cute minimalist cafe with lots of chairs, booths and a little bar. The place was filled with student, yuppies as well as some old folk, so it really does cater to a variety of ages and crowds.

I had the cappuccino and I got my brother a mocha. Both were very made fresh and individually, so it did take a little longer than getting something like that made at Starbucks, but it was nice watching them make it and how they made each one individually all the way from steaming the milk to brewing. In the end they make a cute heart or leaf with the foam, it really is a nice touch.

They also serve the typical coffee house items as well as little treats and they have a coffee and waffle deal for 6$.




Flirt Cupcakes

Cuisine: Cup Cake shop
Location: 10158 82 ave (Whyte Ave across train tracks)
Hot Topic: Cup Cakes

I had a 2 for 1 coupon for Flirt Cupcakes so my brother and I decided to check it out while we were on Whyte yesterday afternoon. Flirt is a cute little bake shop that sells cup cakes (2.95$), coffee and pop.

They offer either chocolate or vanilla cupcakes (from what I saw yesterday) with a variety of different icing and toppings. Yesterday they had a strawberry cream cheese icing, peppermint, chocolate fudge, lemon coconut, peanut butter, Madagascar vanilla, and classic cream cheese. They typically have 12 daily flavors.

I had the coconut lemon on vanilla cake, and my brother had the strawberry on chocolate cake. They were decent cupcake size and tasted good. Nothing to rave about (same par as the other cup cake shops) but they were cute yummy treats.

Check em out:

Strawberry and Lemon

Friday, January 21, 2011

Book A Table Edmonton: Sign up for their newsletter and get a 25$ meal coupon

Book a Table Edmonton is a community that promotes local Edmonton restaurants. Several local eateries such as Sicilian Pasta Kitchen, Ric's Grill, the Copper Pot, Guru, Twisted Fork etc are promoted by this group.

Sign up for their newsletter and receive a 25$ voucher that you can use towards any of their member restaurants.

The voucher takes a while to mail but it will get there!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get your 10$ off Coupon for Hudsons and 2 for 1 Cafe Press (expires Sunday Jan 23)

I was looking at the Travel Alberta Card site and they have many good offers you can take advantage of from hotel packages and vacations to restaurant discounts and freebies. You need a Travel Alberta Card (its free and you can order your own from the site) for most of the big things but for a coupon such as this it doesn't matter.

I really encourage you guys to take a look at the Travel Alberta Site, they have lots of fantastic offers.

They have several deals wrapping up this weekend because of the Ice of Whyte Festival. There is a coupon for Marble Slab, The PourHouse, 20% off food at the Artisan Resto Cafe, Flirt Cupcake, Foosh, Chicken Scratch etc etc.

But because I do not feel like walking down Whyte eating ice cream I've decided to post the coupon for Hudsons and Press Cafe.

Go to the link and print it off and your good to go! Enjoy.
Remember they expire this Sunday though.


Press Cafe:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random In a Hurry Restaurant List

Now I should be in bed because its nearly 1am on a school night, but while I'm updating my blog I might as well throw in a restaurant list. If you cant decide where to eat tonight perhaps this can help you. I'm not going to list their addresses but you can easily google it.

Happy eating.

"Fast Food"
-OPA (Greek)
-Pita Pit
-Edo Japan
-Tokyo Express
-Mt. Fuji
-High Voltage (donairs)
-Dahlias Mediterranean
-Mona's Pizza (Lebanese)
-Sunterra Market
-Press'd Sandwich Shop
-Eml Cafe
-Wok Box
-Oddle Noodle

-Fresh Start Cafe
-Barb and Ernie's (German)

"Casual Franchise"
-The Keg
-Cactus Club
-Red Robins

-Original Joes
-Olive Garden
-Local Eatery
-Fat Burger

"Local Restaurants"
-Koutukis (Greek)
-Yannis (Greek)
-Ric's Grill
-Sicilian Pasta Kitchen
-L2 Grill
-Corso 32
-The Copper Pot

-The Treasury
-Madison Grill
-Ruth Chris's Steak House
-Blue Plate Diner
-Urban Diner
-Cafe Select
-Coco Di
-Caffe de Ville

-Delux Burger Bar
-Skinny Legs and Cow Girls

-Pho Hoa (Vietnamese)
-Punjab Sweets 
-Origin India
-Zaika (Indian)
-Goodbuddy (Chinese)
-Zen (Japanese)
-Padmanadi (Indonesian/Chinese)
-New Asian Village
-The King and I
-Sweet Mango
-Blue Nile
-Langos Skies

-Fantasia Gelato
-Kiwi Kiss
-Twisted Yogurt
-Duchess Bake Shop

"Buffet/brunch/all you can eat"
-Chateau Lacombe Sunday brunch
-Sawmill Sunday brunch
-Fairmont Sunday brunch
-Zen lunch and dinner all you can eat sushi
-Punjab Sweet lunch and dinner buffet
-Zakia lunch and dinner buffet

-Everything Cheese (cheese store)
-Kirstens Chocolate
-Bon Ton Bakery (west end)
-Prairie Mill Bakery
-Old Fashioned Bread Bakery
-Bee Bell Bakery
-Cobs Bread
-Paddy's Cheese

Crazy Pasta

I was at Winners the other day and I came across this pasta in their 'food' section.
Looks pretty cool, but with all the dye that must go in it I don't know if I necessarily want to eat it.


Tokyo Express

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: lots around Edmonton
Hot Topic: Maki combo

I know Tokyo Express is certainly not a high quality Japanese food establishment, but its sure good, quick and cheap. You go up to the counter and order and they will call your number and you pick up your food at the counter.

Their menu is made up of the typical North American Japanese food favorites: cali rolls, udon, teriyaki bowls, bento boxes, maki rolls etc. The rolls are well sized and the maki rolls are especially large.

My favorite items include the "maki roll combo" which consists of large beef, veggie, and cali maki rolls (around 7$). Their beef teriyaki bento (9$) is also good. I typically get it with sushi and tempura.

Beef Bento

Maki combo

Famoso Update

I already have a post on Famoso but I thought I'd give you an update.

I'm currently loving their flat bread sandwiches. So far they have the "Wiseguy", "Sofia Loren" and the Prosciutto Arugula". You can either get these on their own (very filling portion), or you can get it with side (either one of their awesome salads or their tomato bisque soup).

I had the Wiseguy (red pepper spread, provolone, and lots of different Italian deli meats and salamis) with the Caprese salad (tomato and fresh mozzarella salad). (Full size 12.50$, with Caprese salad 12.75$)

My friend had the Sofia Loren which is a veggie sandwich filled with roasted vegetables. It comes with provolone cheese and pesto ricotta cheese. I didn't get to try it but it looked so good. (Full size 11$)

Sofia Loren

Caprese salad with the WiseGuy

Duchess Update

Mmmm. Every month Duchess brings out limited time only macaron flavors. This month (January) this have raspberry black sesame, caffe, and banana chocolate. In addition to the limited time flavors they also have their standard lemon, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, salted carmel and coconut.

The limited cute!

Starbucks Green Tea Latte

My new favorite drink has got to be Starbucks green tea lattes. They are so bright and cheery and taste so good. I get mine with skim milk and either sugar free of sugar free vanila. Tastes the same to me :)

Jan 7-16th from 2-5 all tea lattes are half off.

Love the color