Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gettin' Hungry

Edmonton restaurants I want to check out in the next couple months:

-Bistro Praha: Really want to try their schnitzel
-Naanolicious: I want to try one of their stuffed naan breads
-Swiss to Go: Yum, pretzel rolls
-Won Jung Gak
-DeDutch: Curious about the pannekoeken
-King Noodle House: I've heard good things about their pho so..
-Bul Go Gi House

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I have been neglecting my blog since September. I'm back at school for another year and just got preoccupied with that. I also unfortunately have not gone on many wonderful food adventures in a while *sad face*.
However....I am going back to Thailand this Christmas (Bangkok, Ko Tau, Koh Samui) so please do keep posted because I will for sure have some wonderful pictures to show everyone! Wonderful pictures of food not to mention.