Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Places to Check Out for Cute Christmas Gifts (food related of course)

Food related:

Duchess Bake Shop
  • Macarons (1.50$ each, 10$ for a box of 6)
  • Short bread (80 cents each)
  • Meringues (80 cents each, 5$ for a package)
Everything Cheese: Specialty cheese store

Kirstens Chocolates
  • Fleur de Sel Chocophilia bar (4.75$)
  • Cardamint Chocophilia bar (4.75$)
Jam Lady Preserves (available at Bon Ton Bakery)
  • Ecstasy in a Jar
Bon Ton Bakery
  • German caraway rye bread
  • cranberry raisin nut bread
  • rustic olive
  • lemon poppy loaf
  • antipasto
Prairie Mill Bakery
  • Pesto Parmesan bread, Carmel apple bread, apple cheddar bread
Old Fashion Bread Bakery (Latin Bakery)

Sunterra @Lendrum:
  • Olive tapenads
  • oil oils
  • Buy a 25$ gift card and receive 10$ coupon
Just google the names of these places to get to their website and find their addresses