Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Capital Ex (Edmonton, AB)

Japanese Dog. All beef dog, grilled onions, Japanese mayo, seaweed, terriyaki sauce. It wasn't that good. I think the large dry bun killed it for me. Flavor wise the mayo and seaweed were good, but there was something about the flavor of the grilled onions I didn't like. I still have to try to original Japa dog from Vancouver sometime

Onion blossom with a chipotle dipping sauce. I was eyeing this and had to try it just to try it. I'm happy I did because
now I never want to eat one ever again and never have to wonder what it tastes like. Kind of a disappointment. Boo.

Gotta have them. Mini doughnuts

Rib Fest: Combo from the Prairie Fire booth. Pulled pork and pork ribs. Mmmmmm.

Lots of interesting food vendors