Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kyoto (Downtown)

A little while back I visited the downtown Jasper and 109st Kyoto for a light dinner. I've walked past this place a millions times but have never ventured inside until now.

Like many of the more 'high end' Japanese restaurants in the city like Mikado and Japanese Village, you can not see the interior. So it was a pleasant surprise walking in to see how nice and cute it was inside. The restaurant has a sushi bar where patrons can sit on stools and look upon the sushi chefs preparing the food. They also have table seating as well as several tatami rooms (the little private rooms with the low tables).

The menu was very straightforward and unfussy. It contained sushi, sashmi, several udon bowls, about 4 bento boxes ($19-25$), maki rolls, appetizers and sushi boats.

I can not remember the name of the maki rolls I ordered but it was a maki roll with an egg and tempura flake filling and smoked salmon on the outside ($8~). It was awesome! I would go back just to order the same thing. The flavor of the smoked salmon and the tempura flakes made for a very savory roll.

My friend ordered the avocado rolls. These are different from the typical smaller mini maki avocado rolls you typically see. From what I remember it contains roe and tempura flakes on the inside and had avocado slices on the outside ($8~).

Compared to an establishment like Tokyo Express, Kyoto is on more of the expensive side. The atmosphere of the restaurant however balanced out the higher prices as is really a place I'd recommend going to with a small group of friends rather than yourself.