Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sicillian Pasta Kitchen South

Scicillian Pasta Kitchen is literally right down the road from me so what better option than to go there for dinner.

My dining companion ordered the cannelloni with tomato cream sauce. The pasta came out a little dry and the sauce a little to tangy for my taste, but other wise it was flavourful and served as a huge helping. (~15$)

Cannelloni with a tomato cream sauce

Every time I've gone to Sicilian Pasta Kitchen I've always ordered the same thing, the Borseti (pasta purses stuffed with feta cheese in a cream sauce with snow peas and ham). Today however I decided to try another dish I had been curious about for quite a while. The Lobster ravioli in a lemon cream sauce sounded too good to pass up. Unfortunately I was wrong. The pasta looked and tasted like one of those pre-made store bought fresh pastas and in no way did it taste like lobster. The lemon sauce wasn't even lemony and instead tasted like typical cream sauce. The 'loberter' ravioli had an orange color filling, but it tasted like the tri-colored cheese ravioli you can buy in a bulk pack at Costco. It tasted fine, but was a disappointment when I had been looking forward to getting big fully ravioli filled with fresh lobster meat. (~15.50$)

Lobster ravioli with a lemon cream sauce
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