Tuesday, February 21, 2012

For the Love of Pho

Spring rolls and pho bo


I love pho so I was excited to get my fill when in Vietnam. I ordered pho bo (beef pho), veggie salad rolls, and a dessert drink (waterchestnut jellies, coconut, grass jelly, mung bean paste, ice, and coconut milk). I think I must be accustom to the Vietnamese food served back home because I was sadly slightly dissapointed in my meal. While the pho was good, I found the broth to be a little bland and the noodles thinner and mushier than I am use to back home. The spring roll also had too much Thai basil which unfortunatly added a really bitter taste. Thankfully I have no complaints about dessert because it was awesome. I feel really wrong criticizng and comparing Vietnamese food I have back home to the authentic stuff here, but...oh well.