Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 1 of my 4 month long trip to South East Asia!

 I arrived in Bangkok early this morning (aka 2am) and checked into my hostel that I am staying at for two nights before starting my organized tour. After catching some zzzzz's I woke up early and headed to the popular Chatuchak weekend market. After spending several hours walking through the endless market I took the train back downtown and made a pit stop at Siam Square for lunch in the malls ridiculously huge and well stocked food court.

Menu at the little side of the road place I ate breakfast at

Lady making my fried rice

Fried rice with seafood and chicken (35 bht)

Ice pops (I had the coke, fruit punch, and starwberry Fanta) 3/20 bht

Coconut ice cream

My coconut ice cream with young fresh coconut, and corn (30 bht)
My iced milk tea (60 bht)

Omelet with curry, rice and fried chicken (170 bht)