Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good Buddy South (Edmonton)

I've been coming to GoodBuddy South to fulfill my occasional Chinese food and westernized Chinese food cravings for several years now and have always been satisfied with the food and dining experience. They serve large potion sizes which is great for sharing, I've always found the restaurant to be clean, the food consistent and well prepared, not overly greasy, and like the fact that they offer very affordable dinner combos for 2, 3, 4 etc people that are customizable. I am well aware of the negative reviews of Good Buddy (complaints about waiting time, bad customer service etc), but like I said I've been coming here for several years now and have always been happy, that is however my personal opinion. Then again I don't care much for talkative waitresses and would rather cut it down to "what do you want to order?" "Okay" "Here is the bill, thank you". ANYWAYS..haha, so about the food...

Hot and sour soup. I like it because its actually spicy

Ginger beef. Nice and crisp, none of that sticky, soggy food court stuff. Yuck.

Salt and pepper fried squid (not really salt and pepper, more like salt and chilies but yet not that spicy). Probably one of my favorite dishes.

Spring rolls and chicken fried rice. Everything you've seen is part of the dinner for 2 (30$) but feeds 3 or even 4 people. Massive servings that make you want to secretly unbutton your jeans. Just saying.

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