Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Meals BKK Style (Thailand)

Iced green tea with red bean and a mini cheese cake. I thought it was
an egg tart at first but I was wrong.

Fried chicken laarb with rice. Chicken seasoned with mint, onion, rice powder
and a couple other herbs

FAV #3: Thai coconut pudding. Salty and sweet
coconut pudding

Tom Yum fried rice and crab fried rice

Dessert from a fabulous Japanese dessert shop at Central World. Iced coffe, chocolate pudding cake,
and strawberry shortcake with Asian sponge cake

Veggie fried rice

Veggie pad thai I shared with my brother

I do not like doughnuts what so ever but I had my
first Krispy Kreme doughnut in BKK and I am
in love. We even brought back a box to Canada but
couldn't help ourselves and ate all of it on the way back to
Fried green chili omelet with Thai pork over rice. SO GOOD AND SPICY!
 I love Thai
street food.