Sunday, April 14, 2013

NaanOlicious (Edmonton)

To celebrate my birthday my friends treated me to a great dinner at NaanOlicious here in Edmonton. I've been to the restaurant before with Coel and enjoyed it so I thought it would be a nice and fun place to go to with the girls.

Mango lassi, Indian iced tea, rose syrup drink

For drinks we ordered the mango lassi, Indian iced tea, and a rose water soda drink for me (forgot the name). The drinks were served up in large glasses and were very refreshing and tasty. The Indian iced tea was an interesting mixture of tea, pineapple juice, and coconut and tasted almost like pina colada. My drink, the rose water one, was really different and had mixed reactions. My friends didn't like it but I thought it tasted really unique.
Veggie samosas drowned in sauces and toppings

Coconut curry mussels

In all we ordered the coconut curry mussels, shrimp with mango chutney shooters, fish pakora, veggie samosas, butterchicken poutine, keema naan (ground beef filled naan), butter naan, and garlic naan. The coconut curry mussles were amazing! While I don't care much for mussels, the curry sauce was flavorful and made a great dip for the naan. It tasted almost like a Thai curry and was topped with coconut flakes.The veggie samosas were also good but slightly overdone with all the different sauces and toppings.

Nom nom nom

Butterchicken poutine

The naan breads were soft and chewy which I love so I was a very happy eater. My favorite by far was the keema naan with the ground beef as it was soft and buttery. The butterchicken poutine which was also one of our favorites was topped with tons of flavorful butterchicken sauce. There was pretty much more curry and chicken chunks then there were fries but thats okay because the sauce made a good dip for the naan. The only thing that was a letdown were the shrimp shooters. They were nothing special and a little bit dry, but they were still good. I just wouldn't bother ordering them again. 

Fish pakora

Shrimp shooters with chutney

Overall we had a great meal and left happily stuffed. I like the creativity they put into each dish to make it fun and visually appealing. They also offer great value for your money with large portions so you can't go wrong with that. While I wouldn't consider their menu to be traditional Indian fare my any means, I enjoy the creativity and look forward to going there again.

And thanks again to Donna and Diana for dinner!