Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello from Thailand

I have a slight love affair with Bangkok. Just months after being here for Christmas, I am back. Food, shopping, markets, and malls, what more could I ask for. Dessert perhaps?

Tempting treats

Matcha cake

No clue what this was but it was from a restaurant at
a Japanese mall in BKK

Japanese desserts. Thai's love Japanese goodies.

Red bean and green tea frapps?
Why don't they have these back home?

Enough drooling: what I actually got to eat

Shaved ice dessert with coconut milk and jellies

White chocolate and macadamia nut cake from
Bake a Wish in Siam Paragon. Unfortunately it
looked better than it tasted.

Milk cake. Basically whipped cream on white cake. Blah. 

Nom Nom. Delima with coconut rice cakes.

My green tea and milk ice cream from a little
stall in Siam. Always a must during my visits. 

Little panda cakes from Siam