Sunday, November 28, 2010


Cuisine: Deli
Location: Manulife Place (Downtown)
Hot topic: Salad bar
Nom nom nom.
Its located in the Manulife Place building downtown (in the same building as Holts) and has awesome fresh and super health food. There is a salad bar there that I've gone to pretty much everyday for the whole summer. The salad bar is based on weight so you pick out what you want and then you weight it.
You can pick from: 3 types of 'lettuce', chicken breast, cottage cheese, frit, cheese, cubed smoked ham, beets, pickels, eggs, cherry tomatos, alfalfa, tuna, the list goes on, and you can top it off with sunflower seeds, almonds, dried cranberries. There are also lots of dressings and even olive oil and balsamic vinigar and lemon juice for a healthier option.
There are also an assortment of sandwhiches and wraps, pizzas, pastries, healthy deli salads, and drinks available.
Everyday there is a 'big pan speacial', daily carve and daily pasta. The big pan specials typically alternate between jambalaya, butter chicken, ginger beef, shepards pie etc etc are are always 5.75$. The dail carve rotates around salmon, chicken and roast beef (serves with some sort of veggies and a carb), and pastas change each day too. They are always between the 5-7$ range.
Food here is very well priced and healthy.

Watermelon and my yum yum veggi sandwich
The outside