Sunday, November 28, 2010

Punjab Sweets

Cuisine: Indian/Punjab
Location: 34 ave
Hot topic: Buffet

So I know there are a lot of nice Indian/Punjab restaurants in Edmonton that rate higher on the quality and decor scale then good old Punjab Sweets, however, I still like this place because its simple and straight up. The buffet serves all the items most of us would typically go for first, butter chicken, samosas, tandori chicken, curries, naan etc etc.

I like the butter chicken and the tandori fish. The fish it a bit dry but I like it. The butter chicken is rather sweet in flavor but its awesome.

Don't expect much in terms of decor if you go there, you'll notice its a converted Humptys or Wendys. ive heard people say bad things about this place, but I've been here several times and I have no complaints. Service is nothing to rave about, I dont even know if there is any service there haha, but its a buffet so its straight forward and in the end you go to the counter and pay. But stick to the food and I'm sure you'll walk out the door very satisfied.

Dinner buffet: 13$