Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasury Update


Went to the Treasury again a couple weeks back and had a little bit of a less enjoyable experience this time around. The service was unbelievably slow and inattentive for a place that was empty. The servers just stood around chatting while we waited unreasonable amounts of time all the way from ordering to getting the bill. Service was slow for everything, and confusingly so seeing that the place was far from busy.

As for food, the Lobster Crepes and the Cobb salad were ordered, with the Carrot Cake for dessert again. Both unfortunately both were disappointing. While they tasted good, for the price we paid  (both around 15$ each dish) I couldn't help but feel a little overcharged/riped off.

There were only 2 small crepes for an order of lobster crepes. My dining companion said they were good, but a little over salted and the small portion size was disappointing.

The Cobb salad  I had ordered surprised me, in a bad way.  It was small and had no greens what so ever. While it tasted good, it was simply just components of a Cobb salad stacked on top of each other minus the lettuce. A deconstructed Cobb salad you could say. Great presentation, but for a 15$ salad when your hungry it was a let down. The single piece of friedd eggplant however was like ingesting pure oil. The Green Apple Lavender salad my friend ordered last time we were here was large and looked great so I was hoping all the salads would be reasonable too, but I guess I was mistaken.

While I was disappointed in our meal, I like the atmosphere of the Treasury and the excuse to don a cute cocktail dress so I do intend on going back,  but perhaps next time I'll be more cautious when ordering.