Sunday, January 23, 2011

Transcend Coffee

Cuisine: Coffee house
Location: 109 st, next door to Garneau Theater
Hot topic: lattes

Transcend is a rather new coffee house in Edmonton located next door to the Garneau Theater on 109 st and very close to the University.

This establishment sources their coffee directly from farmers, direct trade rather than do it the `fair trade`way or no way at all. They take pride in the fact they go one on one with coffee farmers around the world to bring you the freshest and best coffee they can make. That`s just a bit of background on the place.

Inside is a cute minimalist cafe with lots of chairs, booths and a little bar. The place was filled with student, yuppies as well as some old folk, so it really does cater to a variety of ages and crowds.

I had the cappuccino and I got my brother a mocha. Both were very made fresh and individually, so it did take a little longer than getting something like that made at Starbucks, but it was nice watching them make it and how they made each one individually all the way from steaming the milk to brewing. In the end they make a cute heart or leaf with the foam, it really is a nice touch.

They also serve the typical coffee house items as well as little treats and they have a coffee and waffle deal for 6$.