Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cafe Tiramisu

My partner and I were looking for a new local place to have lunch the other day when I suggested we try out the new Cafe Tiramisu on 124th Street just at the end of the block from Duchess.

Cafe Tiramisu is a cute modern cafe that serves up simple Italian fare and drinks. Simple pastas, paninis, salads, lattes and cappuccinos, classic desserts, breakfasts, smoothies, and not to mention tiramisu.

We've now been there twice now, the first time just to check it out and get tiramisu, and the second time to try out their lunch menu. Their tiramisu dessert is serves in a cute old school sundae cup and is perfect for sharing with a partner. Unfortunately I feel that I've had better tiramisu (such as Famoso's). I personally prefer one that's more creamy.

For lunch we decided to split an order of their Pasta al Vegitable (11.50$) and the Vegitale Panini (9$). The pasta was just as described, a simple penne pasta with artichoke hearts and sun dried tomato with a garlic olive oil sauce served with a wedge of garlic bread. Nothing fancy. As for the roasted vegetable panini, it had cheese, olive tapenade, and an assortment of the typical roasted veggies. I wasn't a huge fan of the roasted carrots, but I personally just don't like cooked carrots and I don't think they go well in a panini. I really liked the focaccia bread they used though.

Overall I thought that Cafe Tiramisu was a cute cafe that serves simple but well made food and would be a great place to study and have a coffee or have a casual hangout. Its nothing fancy and the simplicity of the food isn't something in my opinion worth raving about, but the cafe overall is a wonderful addition to the street and a promising hangout spot.

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