Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zen Sushi and Grill (Calgary Trail)

Location: Calgary Trail (about a minute drive south of Whyte Ave)

Today my partner and I went to Zen for a fun Sunday all you can eat sushi lunch (17$). The concept is straightforward; they give you a checklist of all the food, pick what you want, they bring it out, eat eat eat, check off some more food until you just can't handle it anymore :) (but of course, don't order more than you can eat)

Today we ordered some green onion cake, beef short rib, inari, squid tentacles (Coel's favorite), cali rolls, smoked salmon rolls, golden cali rolls (normal cali rolls just tempura battered and fried), gyoza, teriyaki beef, agedashi tofu, and tempura.

Inari and salmon sushi

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