Sunday, January 22, 2012


Location: West Edmonton Mall food court

I've walked past Freshii many many times in the food court and never gave it a thought because I assumed it was an overpriced salad and wrap vendor. However, I thankfully took the time one afternoon to properly look at the menu when one of the workers told me that I also had the choice of making my own salad or wrap. Now I'm a huge fan of customizable meals so being able to customize my own salad, wrap, noodles, or rice bowl was appealing.

If you want to customize your own meal you take the little clipboards with check sheets on it and pick the type of meal you want everything from the toppings and dressing to having it grilled or not. There is a list of premium toppings (meats, proteins) which cost an additional dollar and some cents and a list of free unlimited toppings (dates, corn, beans, tomato etc).

For today's meal I chose to create my own brown rice bowl (about 5$). I've also had the create your own wrap (also about 5$) which was surprisingly really filling. The customizable meals at Freshii are really affordable for a quick and healthy meal at the mall.

Brown rice with mix of veggies and a thai peanut and chili sauce

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