Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Shabu Shi (Central World, Bangkok, Thailand)

This sushi and shabu shabu restaurant is one of the most brilliant restaurant concepts I have ever seen. Located in Center World Mall in Bangkok, the restaurant fuses sushi with hot pot in an easy, creative, and fun way. Shabu Shi is all you can eat and features an unlimited assortment of great sushi and individual hot pot as well as drinks.

Conveyor belt with hot pot items such as vegetables, meats, fish, noodles,
dumpling etc.
Each seat has its individual hot pot station where you pick what type of broth you want and pick dishes off the conveyor belt in front of you. There are tons of different things to choose from and many different sauces and condiments to add to your broth. You are also able to control the heat settings for your individual hot pot.

All you can eat assorted sushi

Nom nom nom

Hot pot items

Angry Birds for your hot pot! Made from fish.

Popular among the lunch crowd

My personal hot pot
Coel and I really loved food and were excited by the concept. I will certainly be back next time I'm in Bangkok.