Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Burger Joint (Edmonton)

Location: near the intersection of 23 rd Ave 91st street on the south side (near Costco)

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My friend and I visited The Burger Joint for the first time today and were happy and satisfied with our meal. The restaurant itself is located in a quiet business strip mall which is a bit unfortunate because it's a decent place that I would suspect would be very popular if it was located in a more visible and busier area. The restaurant itself is very casual with several tables where you can seat yourself and is brightly lit with simple modern decor.
I forgot to take a picture of it but there are check sheets on table where you check off what type of burger you want and pick the toppings and sauces. There are several burgers to choose from (beef, grilled chicken, buffalo chicken, breaded chicken, lamb, donair, double beef, veggie) along with at least 14 different sauces and at least 20 burger toppings (cucumber, roasted corn, grilled mushrooms, veggies, etc). There is also a list of premium burger toppings for around a dollar which included different cheeses, calamari rings, portabello mushrooms etc. The burgers without the addition of premium topping range from 6.99 to about 8$, very reasonable. I liked it because there was a large range of complementary burger toppings which included more than the typical lettuce and tomatoes.
We had a coupon for free fries which the purchase of a burger so that was a nice bonus. The fries came with a side of ketchup and this really good mayo/onion/pepper dip. They also had several shakers up at the counter where you could season your fries (cheese power stuff, vinegar, Cajun spice, hamburger spice, onion power, etc).

My friend order the grilled chicken burger with cheese, mushrooms, lettuce, and spicy bbq sauce. She said it was really good and very filling.

My burger (8$) consisted of a homemade beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, feta, mushrooms, black and green olives, roasted corn, and cucumber. I really enjoyed it and it wasn't greasy and didn't leave me feeling gross afterwards.