Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brewsters (Century Park)

While I typically do not write about chain restaurants, I wanted to just make an entry about a rather good meal I had the other night while catching up with a friend.

I live really close to Brewsters and have frequented them many times for their chicken wings but have never really eaten anything else off their menu. Therefore tonight I decided to give their menu a try. I was not looking for anything heavy so I settled on the Candied Pecan Salad (12.99$) while my friend had the calamari (10$).

Sorry about the poor lighting!

The salad took a while to arrive, mind you we were there pretty late at night, but when it did I was pleasantly surprised but the large size of the salad. Excuse my both my bad bad memory and laziness, but here is the description of the salad from their online menu: "California Artisan lettuce, arugula, baby green beans, amorosa tomatoes, baby red potatoes, hardboiled egg, crumbled gorgonzola cheese, slivered carrot and candied pecans. Tossed with tarragon & Dijon vinaigrette and served with grilled garlic rosemary loaf." This is definitely a salad I will order again. I typically do not order salads for a meal at restaurants but next time I come to Brewsters this will be a the top of my list. The grilled garlic rosemary loaf was nice and warm and had a strong rosemary flavor which was complimented by the garlic. I really enjoyed the goronzola cheese, which they did not skimp out on, as well as the candied pecans. I kind of wish the candied pecans were warm instead of cold, I think that would have been a better compliment. Other than that the salad was great, good flavor, large quantity, and most certainly filling.