Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flamingo Restaurant (West End)

A few weeks back I decided to finally try out the west end Flamingo restaurant which I have driven by numerous times. I know they have a south side location in Heritage by my house and had heard it was a decent place so why not check it out.

The interior of the place is really old school, like it hasn't been renovated since the 70's. Old carpet, old wooden walls, old tables...old people. Yes, it was clear that Flamingo was a senior hot spot, not that there is anything wrong with this. We checked out the menu which served a lot of pub style/comfort food.Traditional western fair I guess you'd call it. Meatloaf, chicken wings, steak, burgers, fries, mash potato' get the gist.

We settled on the appetizer platter which came with potato skins, onion rings, buffalo wings, deep friend zucchini sticks, pork ribs, and chicken fingers. AHHHH so greasy! But what did I expect right?

I'll be honest, I did not enjoy it. It was overly greasy and everything was pre made and deep fried or tossed into the oven. While the platter had a nice assortment of everything, I just couldn't get over the grease. Yes, yes I know everything we ordered was fried, but there is a difference between fried and soaking with oil. Main point: I would not go back, but that's just me and I'm sure they have some real winners on the menu but unfortunately I'll have to pass.

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