Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Cuisine: Italian
Location: 113 ave 174st West End industrial district

This summer I am working as a summer student at a Service Canada outpost in the middle of the west end industrial district and thought I'd make a post on probably one of the only restaurants in the area that is not a fast food chain. The other day I took a walk during lunch as came across this little Italian restaurant in the middle of the industrial area. Clearly a restaurant that catered to the employees working in the vicinity, Broccolini is a small family run business that serves up simply offerings of pasta, salad, and the odd pannini or meat dish.

The restaurant itself is nicely decorated with nice tables, paintings and some large screen t.v's,  giving you a bit of a break from the mundane industrial atmosphere. At the entrance of the restaurant there is sort of a cafeteria style ordering stations where you can see the pasta and sauces in chaffing dishes. The menu is small and simple, offering a choice of pasta with tomato, meat or tomato cream sauce, a baked pasta, caesar salad, breaded veal, panini special of the day, and...that is about it. To be honest, I found the prices to be rather high for the quality and simplicity of food they served, but seeing as it seems to be the only alternative to Wendys and Tim Hortons for workers in this area, I guess they can afford to inflate their prices.

I ordered the pasta with alfredo sauce today (half order 7$), something that I typically would not order knowing how bad it is for me, but a tomato based sauce wasn't really going to cut it for me today. The sauce was simple and I was certainly not blown away by it. It really needed more flavor (I resorted to sprinkling half the shaker of pepper and chili flakes on it to give it some flavor).