Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meal Time (Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia)

Ice cream filled mochi

Bihun goreng with seafood (fried vermicelli noodles)

Chicken sate with peanut sauce and Indonesian sticky rice

Chocolate waffle with choco ice cream at the White Hunter restaurant at Gandaria City Mall

Bak mie with mushroom, chicken and wontons from Bak Mie Gaja Mada. My favorite noodles.

Noodle steamboat @ Bali

Nasi champur @ Bali. Rice with sate, fried prawn, peanut and salted fish, beef curry, prawn crackers, veggies
and chicken

Seafood and caper pasta at the Kuta Seaview Hotel restaurant @ Bali

My chicken schnitzel sandwich @ Bali