Saturday, March 17, 2012

Meal Time (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Es Cendol. Green wormy looking jelly custard things with palm sugar, coconut cream/milk, and ice

Mie with beef balls

Kue 'rugby' and custard tart

Es champur. Shaved ice with syrup, red bean, jellies etc

I've been waiting for this..chicken katsu from Hokahoka Bento. Can't forget the Teh Botol!

Noodles mmmmmmm

Frozen yogurt is actually really popular here. There are way more froyo places here than anywhere I've seen in Canada.
Lyche and Taro froyo with custard balls and pandan and lyche mochi!

The famous nasi goreng with a frid egg (Indonesian fried rice). Best sh** ever.

Grilled banana stuffed with chocolate and sweetened condensed milk with grated cheese on top. Actually really good.
Indonesians kind of have this thing with putting grated cheese on everything.

Duku fruit, massive bag full of them.