Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crepe Symphony (Edmonton)

While I was away traveling I made sure to keep up to date with the YEG food and restaurant scene and keep track of all the new establishments that had opened while I was gone. On my list of new restaurants to check out once I get home was Crepe Symphony. I had read great reviews about it and thought that it was a great new addition to Edmonton's downtown food scene.

I decided to stop by Crepe Symphony on an Saturday morning to get breakfast before going to the Downtown Farmers Market and the place was empty which made me wonder a little but . Then again it was a Saturday morning. I really didn't care though because what I was about to eat confirmed the true reason for its popularity. At a very affordable 7-8 dollars for a serving of 2 crepes per dish, Crepe Symphony delivered fresh, tasty, and filling crepes in a cafe style atmosphere. I am not a fan of thick pancake-like crepes so I was very happy that they served authentic thin crepes. The menu offered both savory and sweet crepes which was great, however it made our decision making a little more complicated (in a good way!) because we couldn't decide which two we wanted to order. There are still more flavors I want to try so I know I will be back!

Chicken mushroom

Strawberry, banana, and chocolate crepe

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