Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wanfujung Street (Beijing, China)

My first night in Beijing I decided I had to venture off to find Wanfujing Street, aka the notorious street filled with both high end fashion stores and outrageous street food.

Entrance into the street food alley

Fruit squwers before they get coated in hot melted sugar

Pork satay

Veggie and chicken dumplings. I bought 3 for 10 Yuan. They weren't very good. I was expecting the outside to be nice and chewy with a but of crisp, instead they were hard.

Corn dogs?

I thought this was pretty funny, it's like their version of pasta in tomato sauce. Instead its glutinous rice flour tubes in a tomato soup-like sauce.


This is the type of stuff Wanfujing Street is known for...random animals and insects on a stick! I think the thing on the left is some sort of crustacean and the one on the left is definitely silk worm

That's right, you read it correctly

Starfish, seahorses, scorpions etc


Green tea soft serve (6 Yuan). It was yummy. They also had a jasmine tea flavored one but when I went back for more they had sold out. Boo.

Yes, again, you read that correctly

These looked sooooooo good...and pretty!