Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shabu Shabu (Jakarta, Indonesia)

I accompanied my mom on one of her weekly ladies luncheon with her friends and lucky for me this weeks restaurant of choice was an all you can eat shabu shabu joint. The restaurant provides raw veggies, seafood, various cuts of meat, beef and seafood balls etc and you can either boil it in a steamboat or on the grill. Shabu shabu is a great option if you are going out in large groups because its interactive, fun, and everyone can share the meal.

Fresh greens, seafood, fish balls etc

Meat, fish, mushrooms, sausage etc

My favorite part..dessert. This is a make it yourself dessert option. Grass jelly, mashed durian, cendol, and jellies that you top off with shaved ice, syrups, and coconut milk

Agar agar (Indonesian jelly/pudding)