Monday, December 31, 2012

Bangkok Street Food Part 1

On my last trip to Bangkok I blogged about the street food and there is no way I can be here again and not do the same. Bangkok has one of the best variety of street food vendors I have seen in all my travels around Asia. On my last trip to Bangkok I only ate at about two or three actual restaurants and ate everything else from the vendors. Having lived as an expat in Asia for a great deal of my life and being half Indonesian, eating street food snacks reminds me of my childhood and makes me happy. I gotta eat up because I sure can't get this stuff back in Edmonton.

Coconut ice cream with corn and candied pumpkin at
Chatuchak Market

Making fried fish cake things

FAV FOOD #1 Fried fish with chili sauce

I don't know what these are called but I grew up eating this
in Indonesia. Its used in their ice desserts. Water chestnut with some sort
of jelly around it. Kind of like the bubbles in bubble tea.

Green tea soft serve

Pancake! So good drizzled with condensed milk

Coel's favorite. Fried glutinous rice balls filled with pumpkin

My dad's steamed corn with condensed milk

MY FAV #2: Thai iced coffee

Fried fish balls on a stick

Pad Thai (I actually really don't like pad Thai)