Monday, December 31, 2012

Siam Paragon Nom Noms (Bangkok, Thailand)

The basement of Siam Paragon in Bangkok will make anybody drool. There are tons of fantastic small restaurant and dessert spots as well as several stalls that sells traditional Thai snacks. Coel and I dedicated one afternoon to exploring the different snacks and foods in this foodie wonderland. Here are some of the pictures

Thai sausages. I had the chili and Thai basil one

Fried glutinous rice balls with peanut and fried taro with sesame

Cakes filled with taro, red bean, custard

Grilled Thai sausage

Chinese pancakes filled with red bean

Omelet curry. I had this last time I was here.

Thai crepes filed with colored shredded coconut

Liquid nitrogen ice cream

My passion fruit liquid nitrogen ice cream