Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Socrates (St. Albert)

Massive triple decker club house and a Reuben
Socrates Restaurant is a cute little diner type restaurant up in St. Albert that specializes in breakfast but also has a great simple lunch menu with some yummy sandwiches. This time around I ordered the Reuben (deli sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, swizz, mayo, on rye bread and topped with pickles). Coel had the Club Sandwich which was a big fat triple decker sandwich filled with the usual club sandwich items (tomato, cheddar, turkey (processed unfortunately), mayo, bacon, lettuce). All sandwiches come with choice of fries, house salad or Cesar salad. Both sandwiches were about 10$ each and in our opinion well worth it simple because of the size. We weren't very impressed with the salad though so we'll skip that next time (Kraft packaged dressing, bagged salad).
I haven't seen the breakfast menu but from what I heard Socrates has one of the best breakfast menus in town. Their lunch menu consists of pizzas, pastas, mac and cheese, sandwiches, steak, some salads, and typical diner type appetizers. Their pastas sound really good so I'm tempted to try one next time. Baked mac and cheese anyone? As for their sandwiches, they have quite a selection which includes a Dever sandwich (basically a Denver omelet sandwich), Philly cheese steak, some other sandwich on dark rye with corned beef (real beef, not that canned stuff ew), and several others.
The restaurant itself is pretty cute and its clearly gone through renovations from its original interior. There are big wide windows around the whole restaurant which keeps the place nice and bright and I'm sure its a lot nicer in the summer than it is in the winter (looking out onto the dirty winter roads and such).
I'll be back. Just not for their coffee (almost 3$ for coffee???) and salad.

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