Monday, December 3, 2012

Opps I did it again

Champagne mouse with pomegranate gelee topped with pomegranate seeds and a mini ginger macaron
Winter Tart

I know how sick all my followers must be of all my lovely Duchess Bakeshop pictures but I could not resist posting the most recent photos of what this amazing shop has to offer. Coel and I were there early this Saturday to beat the line up and stock up on goodies before hordes of my follow Edmontonians did the same. There was so much, as usual, that I wanted to try. *Drool*
We eventually settled on the Winter Tart, Champagne Mouse, and our Duchess staple, the brioche pepin. day was made. However, I must return again next weekend to try all the other wonderful treats I missed out on this weekend. I am also looking forward to eventually trying one of their sandwiches or quiches. They looks so good. I saw that they also had a lunch deal for 12$ that included either a slice of quiche or sandwich, soup, and a hot beverage. Very good deal if you ask me. I also saw a blue cheese and asparagus bread pudding which I am curious to try.
For those looking for hostess gifts or something to bring to a Christmas gathering, I strongly suggest you stop by and pick up a package of their mini meringues which are only five dollars and something cents. They are currently offering them in chocolate, candy cane, and coconut.