Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aberdeen Mall Food Court - Richmond, BC

On my recent trip to Vancouver I stopped by Aberdeen Mall in Richmond for an early dinner. For those unfamiliar with the mall, Aberdeen is an 'Asian' mall with all Asian stores.

Coel and I went to the food court to check out what was there. It was a little difficult because a lot of the writing was in Chinese so we relied on looking at the pictures and what other people were getting. Many of the stalls served authentic Chinese food, no ginger beef or green onion cakes in sight.

I ordered beef with flat rice noodles, which I love, and Coel was adventurous and ordered the egg and rice with beef. When we got our food we were surprised by how large the ordered were considering what we paid. Both meals were only 6$! My dish alone weighed just as much as my purse I swear.

Coel's meal, the egg and rice dish actually surprised me and was really good. The egg mixture was lightly scrambled so it was cooked (I initially thought it was just raw egg).

Beef and flat rice noodle

Egg and rice