Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Red Piano

Location: West Edmonton Mall

Coel and I were at WEM earlier this week and decided to check out the Red Piano for lunch. I've walked past the restaurant several times before but have never been inside and was pleasantly surprised by the unique decor inside. The restaurant is decorated and black, white and red and features a large piano as the restaurant centerpiece.

Because we were there on a Tuesday, all sandwiches were 10$ with the purchase of a drink. The sandwich menu was a little limited but that was expected for an inexpensive lunch menu. They offered the "Cubano" (pulled pork, Swiss, mustard, onions, torpedo panini grilled bun), tuna sandwich (tuna tartar, nori), steak sandwich, blackened chicken sandwich, as well as one other sandwich I cant remember.

I ordered the Cubano with a side of fries and Coel ordered the tuna sandwich. I quite enjoyed the Cubano and was pleasantly surprised with its large serving. I had also expected to get just normal french fries but was delighted that they served french fries that was dipped in some sort of nice crunch batter, sort of like what is on the sweet potato fries at DaDeo's.

Coel's tuna sandwich was also very good and was a twist on the classical tuna sandwich. It featured tuna tartare mixed with some sort of creamy dressing and was topped with nori seaweed. He opted for the grapefruit salad with fennel dressing. The salad was fantastic and the fennel dressing was very unique. The salad was topped with fresh raspberries and grapefruit segments and a small scoop or raspberry sorbet.

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Based on our experience I would be willing to try out The Red Piano again, possibly for dinner next time. I was a little apprehensive at first because the restaurant was dead empty when we were there, but hopefully that's not a reflection on the quality or reputation of the place. They also have lots of weekday specials so perhaps I will try one of those out.

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