Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Am "Sushi-d" Out

Vancouver, as many of you probably know has some of the best selection of Japanese restaurants in the country. Having limited options for good Japanese food and sushi in Edmonton, I always make it my goal to get as much sushi in me as I can while visiting Vancouver. During this summer trip, Coel and I ate sushi almost every day as well as ventured out to a good all you can eat sushi join on Broadway for lunch.

Today's sushi meal was at a casual Japanese restaurant on Broadway Street. We both ordered the bento boxes,  mine with beef teriyaki and Coel's with chicken (for an amazing 6.75$ each). The bento boxes came with six massive rolls of California rolls, three pieces of veggie tempura, salad, and rice and teriyaki. We weren't sure if that would be enough to satisfy us so we ordered veggie maki, which we soon realized was a big mistake as the bento boxes were huge!