Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hananoki Japanese Restaurant and Cafe - Richmond

Hananoki Japanese Restaurant & Cafe on Urbanspoon Coel and I visited a little Japanese restaurant in the Tera Nova Shopping Center right by my grandparents place for a little lunch. Whenever I come here I typically order the bento box but being here with Coel I decided to order something else.

Along with bubble tea, Coel has also developed a love for sashimi, which of course we had to order. I've always wanted to try takoyaki but never have had to opportunity to get good takoyaki in Edmonton so I jumped at the chance at ordering it here. We also ordered a serving a California rolls.

I have never had takoyaki before so it was exciting to finally try it. I wasn't so fond of the sauce they put over it, but I did like the texture of the takoyaki itself. I was expecting it to be firmer in texture, but it actaully was like mashed potato in texture.

Mix sashimi