Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chinese Night Market - Richmond

One of the things I was most excited for during my trip to Vancouver was the Chinese Night Market in Richmond. The market is filled with tons of cell phone accessory tents, underwear and socks tents, purses, random knickknacks and gadgets and most stalls!!

The market features Chinese, Taiwanese as well as Japanese food stalls. There are a couple small 'western' stalls that served the typical mini donuts as well.

The most popular foods included BBQ quid, Chinese custard cakes, spiral fried potato's, bubble tea, as well as some small Asian treats such as spring rolls, noodles, curry fish balls etc.

Coel and I had some coconut bubble tea, BBQ Squid, and a nutella and a custard cake. We regrettably made the mistake of having an early dinner at Aberdeen Mall ahead of time so our stomachs couldn't take as much food in as we would have liked.