Friday, August 26, 2011

Sonic - Washington, USA

One of the things I promised myself to do while in the States was to only eat food that I could not get back home. Thankfully, I actually manged to just that, with a slight exception to Denny's (but I did order a burger that they don't have in Canada!)

Sonic, the fast food chain we up here in Canada have seen on TV adds on American channels was one fast food joint I manged to try out during my trip. Coel and I both ordered their hot dogs, his a 'chili dog' and mine a 'Baja dog' (1.50$). We also ordered their cherry lemonade and a side of mozzarella sticks. My Baja dog was actually really good, my favorite part, oddly, being the poppy seed bun. The bun was very soft and moist and chewy just how I like it. The hot dog itself was a typically hot dog but the jalapeno, jack cheese, and tomato made it a little different than your average dog.