Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alun Alun (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

"Alun Alun" is a huge empty field in the middle of Yogya which from I understand is sort of common area for everyone in the city. It is essentially a big grassy field with large patches of dirt where the locals drive their motorcycles, buses, cyclos, and cars to and basically just hang out under the stars. What is nice about this area however is that it attracts lots of little food vendors and makeshift restaurants. My mom, Aunt, and two of my cousins came by to Jogya last weekend to visit me and we went to Alun Alun twice because the food was really good.

Yum. My moms fresh egg noodles with egg and fried rice mixed with noodles (best of both worlds I say)

Ronde: Hot ginger dessert (think ginger tea with peanut and palm sugar mochi balls and palm jelly)

Hard at work making some awesome food

The street cart they work out of

Makeshift restaurant space


Alun Alun

Food cart central. Most of them serve the exact same things though.