Wednesday, April 25, 2012

For the Love of Fried Chicken, Rice, and Sambal

While I've been in Jogya I have developed an obsession with eating Indonesian fried chicken, hot white rice, and spicy fresh ground chili (sambal). So simple but so so good. I'll be honest, I've been eating this stuff everyday, twice a day even. Gotta hit the gym when I get back to Canada. But for now I will most certainly enjoy :) 

Fried omelet with rice and my plate of fried chicken, fried tempeh, boiled papaya leaves,
 cucumber, and garlic sambal (from Pak Bro 'restaurant')

And again.

Pak Bro. Simple little 'restaurant' set up on the side of the street around the corner from my office. My official lunch
destination. And dinner too, when I am feeling glutinous.

Pak Bro

Fried eggplant (tasted like sh** so I didn't end up eating it. Think sponge soaked in oil. I thought it was going to be battered),  coconut rice, fried chicken, veggies, green chili (from Xtreme Restaurant)

Xtreme Restaurant

Same thing, but with a side of garlic stir fried morning glory, my favorite (from Nsi Uduk Resto)

Nasi Uduk Restaurant
Little outdoor patio

Slightly different, but probably better than all the others I have tried. This is actually called nasi Padang (Padang rice, Padang is a region in Sumatra). The picture makes it look gross, but really its just rice, papaya leaves, fried chicken, fried tofu, and green chili sambal.