Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hungry in Jogyakarta (Indonesia)

So this is what XXI movie theater, the leading chain of movie theaters in Indonesia
serves in its concession. Awesome eh?

Ronde food cart.

Ronde. If you love ginger or ginger tea this treat is for you. Its basically a ginger soup with glutinous rice
balls filled with peanuts or black sesame paste (sort of like mochi), palm jelly, and if you'd like, cubes of bread. I don't
know why they serve it with bread cubes but oh well..more fun.

They sure don't have this at home

Or this. Chicken katsu at KFC Indonesia. An example for their love of Japanese food.

KFC Breakfast anyone?

Yum, siomay cart. The Indonesian equivalent to Chinese dim sum dumplings.