Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sasanti Restaurant (Jogyakarta, Indonesia)

Cuisine: Indonesian
Location: Next door to the Grand Hyatt Jogyakarta

I recently had my birthday here in Jogya and to celebrate some of the people from the office took me for a lovely dinner at Sasanti. The restaurant itself was absolutely beautiful. There was a nice little garden and pond at the back of the restaurant and all the furniture and decorations where done in the modern Javanese style.

View of the garden

Clockwise: garlic stir fried kankung (morning glory), grilled praws, duck, and rendang. All served with a side of
various sambal (chili sauce), stir fried papaya leaves, and spicy tempeh. We also had salmon wrapped in papaya leaves
with beans and shrimp in a coconut broth.

Fish with tomato chili sambal sauce

Three differnt types of rice to choose from: yellow, coconut, and brown rice