Friday, April 27, 2012

Meal Time 3 (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

The other day a colleague of mine and I went to Kota Baru to go to a small "restaurant" that serves "Choto", a hearty spiced beef soup served with ketupat (rice steamed inside coconut leaves). I also had Es Pisa Hijau (iced green banana dessert) which is essentially unripe green banana wrapped in a pandan flavored doughy pancake and served on top of coconut custard, strawberry syrup, and crushed ice.

Makeshift restaurant on the sidewalk. The best places to eat in my opinion.

Choto: beef soup seasoned with a million different spices and fried shallots.

Es pisang hijau

Other treats they had on the table to eat: fried tofu and lumpia, seasoned quail egg satay, beef intestine satay, coconut and pandan rolled pancakes (probably has red palm sugar inside)