Saturday, April 21, 2012

Meal Time 2 (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

I went with people from my office to a Padang Restaurant (Padang is a region in Northern Sumatra) this weekend and had a good time eating a lot of the Padang dishes I use to eat when I last lived in Indonesia. In Padang restaurants they put 12-15 dishes on your table and what you pay only for the items you eat (there is usually two of each items on each dish). My favorite dishes are: steamed papaya leaves, green chili sambal, jackfruit curry, and the fried chicken (only because I like the seasoning its fried in and I rub the seasoning on hot white rice and typically give the chicken to my mom)

Padang food for lunch.

So cute. And yes there is actually a coconut drink inside.

Mix vegetables with peanut sauce and grilled fish

Nasi goreng (fried rice) with lots and lots of red and orange chilies.

"Bubur Ayam" aka rice porridge with chicken, green onion, sweet soya sauce, sambal, and slices of
fried Chinese doughnut. My favorite.

Bubur Dagen: specialty dessert porridge made from glutinous rice flour and coconut cream mixed with red palm sugar syrup.

"Mie" aka noodles with egg.

Eating on the side of the road :)